v0.6.0 is out!

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  • Updated UI color of the loading bar
  • Added Camera Manager. During race or replay, use ‘c’ or ‘shift’ + ‘c’ to change camera type. Use ‘v’ or ‘shift’ + ‘v’ to change camera view.
    • Added following view to chase camera: default, close, far, surf.
      Added following view to spectator camera: high, low.
    • Added onboard camera, fixed to the hovercraft. Changing the view changes the mount point on the hovercraft.
    • Added top camera. It is a top – down camera that follow the hovercraft. There are two views: far and close.
  • Added #3 hovercraft named Taalon
  • Tuned Titan and T-Rex properties.
    • Titan is now very easy to pilot. It goes very slowly but have a huge boost. It has a very good speed range, it can go very fast for a short distance and then return to slow speed for chicane.
    • T-Rex goes faster and is more efficient when turning (it loses less speed in bends). The speed range, boost and max speed are smaller than the Titan but the boost last longer.
  • Reduced delay before countdown.
  • Fixed end of race detection (I hope, I cannot reproduce it).
Taalon Hovercraft

Taalon Hovercraft